About Vertical Gardens Australia

Our people.

VGA sells pre-built and custom-built vertical gardens for residential and commercial purposes, to display plants as well as decorative metal and wooden screens. Additionally, you may rent our beautiful vertical gardens for your events and parties.

All of our products are proudly “Australian-made” and designed right here in Melbourne. Keeping everything “local” ensures that we’re in complete control of the high quality of our products. It also enables us to create custom-designed products for unusual “out of the box” projects.

Our continued research and innovation.

We love inventing new products! That’s why we are continually researching and innovating new ways of adding lush greenery to your home or work environment. Our newest product lines include Green Office Living Walls & Partitions and Veggie and Herb Vertical Gardens.

Our clients.

We work either direct-to-client, to the general public, or in collaboration with architects, interior designers, and/or building facilities managers to create stunning indoor or outdoor vertical gardens.