1. Consultation

An assessment of site context, aspect, light, surrounding elements and site access are all considered through a process of site inspections or plan reviews. From initial assessment of these requirements, site specific recommendations can be made.

2. Schematic Design

Vertical Gardens Australia collaborate closely with Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers to bring their visions to reality. A full design service is provided beginning with a schematic design including concept sketches and renderings.

3. Documentation

After a schematic design is finalised, engineer certified construction drawings, plant selection and planting designs are completed. Planting designs are modelled to include any client input.

4. Installation

Includes onsite and offsite periods. A plant establishment period in our nursery is provided to ensure developed plant growth upon installation. Our construction team have extensive experience in the building industry and landscape construction industry.

5. Maintenance Optional

A maintenance service is optional and is provided to guarantee any of our Vertical Gardens will remain healthy and visually striking for years to come. Maintenance services include foliage detailing, sustaining plant growth, maintaining nutrients, pest and disease control and checking irrigation and lighting components.