Frequently Asked Questions

A vertical garden is a method of growing plants on walls. Found in nature and ancient civilizations, vertical gardens have been thriving for centuries on walls all over the world.

Water and nutrients flows over a vertical surface to feed the roots which keeps the plants alive.

Vertical Gardens are extremely versatile. They can be installed just about anywhere with good planning. Outdoor vertical gardens are installed to the same high standard using the same high quality materials and products as what is used on indoor walls. All materials are UV stabilised which means they will not degrade under Australia’s harsh Summer sun. With the added option of using the VGA system for outdoor full sun locations we can create a vertical garden to suit almost any location. All you have to decide is which wall you want it on.

That will depend on the location (indoor/outdoor), aspect (which way the wall faces), plant selection (some plants grow quicker than others), growing conditions, level of nutrients and light source. Another contributing factor would be the maturity of the plants at the time of installation (younger plants need time to grow and fill out whereas more mature plants will give that mature look sooner). All our plants are established in our specially designed pots 4-12 weeks prior to installation. This will give you the instant effect without having to wait. It is reasonable to expect that the wall will look established within the first 12 months.

We have a select range of recommended plants for both indoor and outdoor use. Please note we don’t stock or supply Vegetables and Herbs.

Most plants can be grown where it receives its proper light, water and nutrient requirements. Vertical Gardens Australia provides a complimentary horticulture consultancy service on the choice and design of plants based on the indoor and outdoor conditions you have.

Water is supplied at the top row of pots which is gravity fed down and can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watering.

No. The Vertical Garden is relatively self-sufficient. That being said, some aspects of the wall need to be monitored and maintained more closely. The plants sole source of nutrition is from the nutrient solution in the soil. Water and nutrients are critical for the vitality of the garden. For big units Vertical Gardens Australia recommends taking out a maintenance program. We check, monitor, adjust and change to ensure your Vertical Garden is getting optimum growing conditions. Any replacement plants with be charged at cost price

The maintenance program includes regular visits to give the garden a health check. Plants that are struggling to flourish are replaced at cost. This will all be explained during the free consultation.

The plants in the Vertical Garden should look good as long as the health of the wall is regularly checked. If you take out the maintenance program Vertical Gardens Australia do all the work to ensure the plants remain healthy and vibrant. Vertical Gardens Australia will also provide advice and tips on how to keep your Vertical Garden healthy based on your unique wall requirements.

For us to be able to give an idea of cost we recommend that you take us up on our free no obligation quote via email or come into our South Melbourne showroom. Alternatively we can do a Site Measure & Quote for $80 Inc. GST (Credited on acceptance of job).  Our vertical gardens vary in price based on a multitude of factors such as size, plant choice and installation variations. We will endeavour to advise you on a vertical garden that fits within your budget without compromising on quality. The larger the vertical garden the more cost efficient it becomes. Our quotes include all work associated with installing a fully functioning vertical garden including the frame, stainless steel trough, irrigation, pump and timer as well as the potted plants. After all if you aren’t happy with the service it is Vertical Gardens Australia reputation that suffers. As a rough guide our units start from $525 per square meter.

Vertical gardens can be grown in indoors areas. Water collection trays or troughs at the base are needed to drain away excess water.

Absolutely. Vertical Gardens can be used in a multitude of ways to get the desired effect required. Not only do they provide an attractive environment in the office but also help reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are given off from plastics and manmade materials i.e. computers, desks, furniture and floor coverings to name but a few. These VOC’s, dust particles and other pollutants found in enclosed office spaces are significantly reduced with the improved air quality generated by having an indoor wall of plants.

Studies at NASA have shown how plants filter toxins from the air.</

The Vertical Garden is designed to be a long lasting feature wherever it has been installed. Moving it after installation can be done but would be labour intensive. This is something that can be done of course, however it would be a great selling feature for any prospective buyers of the property.

Vertical Garden Australia pots are designed for easy removal and replacement of existing plants. Simply remove the potted plant and replace with a new one.

Yes. Vegetables and herbs work great. Choose the patio variety tomatoes and make sure they all have full sun. Lettuces also are great because they are off the ground and away from pests and rodents. Just be sure to use a light fertilizer each time you water.

Plants are rated from shade to full-sun. Houseplants are generally grown in low-light indoor situations whereas succulents mostly prefer direct sun. All plants need adequate light to thrive however some plants will burn in excessive direct sunlight. Choosing the right plants is critical for success in any garden. Ask to speak to our horticulturist for advice on the type of plants that will be best for your situation.

Plants are living organisms and have certain tolerance to the sun depending on the plant species. All plants need adequate light to thrive however some plants will burn in excessive direct sunlight.

Vertical Gardens Australia supply  a select range of indoor and outdoor plants already established from tube stock in our specially designed pots.

Patric Blanc uses the ‘slit and staple’ method and specs PVC board which is expensive and very toxic to manufacture. With Patric Blanc’s system you can’t change plants around and it drips water off the front. The foundation of this particular system is hydroponics based. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Our Vertical Garden Australia potted method is simple and easy and so you can install a fully planted living wall in a day and move it around or swap as you please.

VGA pots can be hung onto our specially designed and powder coated aluminium frame.

VGA units are durable and can be used for many years if properly cared for. They can also be cleaned and reused for seasonal plantings.

VGA Planters can be easily removed and stored during these conditions if necessary.

We offer systems for simple outdoor and indoor use as well and DIY wall installations. We also offer Vertical Gardens Australia free standing self-watering plug-and-play systems that are great for both indoor and outdoor.

Watering cycles vary with plant choices. House plants may need watering twice a week whereas outdoor planter may require daily watering.

On average allow around 30cm. Mosses, Sedums or Grasses will protrude around 15cm. Its best to keep larger plants trimmed back so they don’t get too big. Tropicals and succulents are generally compact and easy to maintain.

VGA Planters are great for providing a desirable amount of humidity to your environment. Especially near the plants themselves which helps them thrive.

Vegetables and herbs can be grown in VGA Planters with proper nutrients, water and light.

VGA Planters are gravity fed through pots and become dry between watering cycles which reduces the risk of mould growing

The Vertical Garden Australia Planters can take heavy rain because water drains through the pots.

Architects are good for large scale projects where waterproofing and drainage requirements are need for building permits.

The key is to avoid this as the soil and fertilizers will harm fish.

Planted and wet they can weigh up to 90kg per square meter. Our free standing VG2 system provides a strong foundation for clients that don’t have a suitable wall to hold the weight.

Vertical Gardens Australia units can be mounted above the reach of children and pets. Choose safe type plants only. The panels themselves are non-toxic but not recommended where they can be exposed to damage by children or pets.