Green Roof Systems

Embracing Sustainability with Green Roofs in Australia

Vertical Garden is proud to introduce our green roof system, an innovative approach towards healthier, more sustainable futures. Our installation services aim to turn city spaces into vibrant green areas, changing even the most urban environments into lively ecosystems. Furthermore, we ensure that this touch of nature remains thriving and beautiful with our dedicated maintenance services. Embrace the future of urban living with our services at Vertical Garden today. 

Unlocking the Potential of Green Roofs

  • Natural Air Purifier: The flora on our green roofs doesn’t just add to the visual appeal; it actively filters and purifies the air, removing pollutants and supplying fresh oxygen to enhance the overall air quality.
  • Thermal Regulation: By absorbing sunlight, the green roof system reduces heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment. This natural insulation reduces energy consumption for air conditioning, contributing to energy efficiency.
  • Restoring Biodiversity: By creating habitats in urban settings, our green roofs encourage the return of local fauna and flora, restoring biodiversity in the heart of the city.
  • Protective Insulation: A green roof not only insulates against heat but also provides additional protection to the structure of your building, extending its lifespan.
  • A Haven for Wildlife: These green oases provide a much-needed refuge for urban wildlife. They are a sanctuary for birds, insects, and other urban dwellers, contributing to the urban ecosystem.
  • Visual Aesthetics: Other than their environmental benefits, green roofs transform concrete and glass structures into eye-catching landscapes, enhancing the visual aesthetics of any urban environment.

From Concept to Completion:
Our Green Roof System Process

Building a green roof system with Vertical Garden involves meticulous planning and execution. Starting from a bespoke design, our team manages every aspect of the installation process. But our commitment doesn’t end there; we offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your green roof thrives in all conditions.

Built to Endure: Our Flexible and Robust Green Roof Systems

At Vertical Garden, we are committed to providing our customers with both quality and sustainability. The green roof systems we construct are engineered to endure, with a strong focus on long-term performance. Our utilisation of resilient growing media, combined with meticulous waterproofing, safeguards the life and vitality of the roof system. We also deploy leak detection measures as a proactive step to protect the structural integrity of your property. Rest assured, when you choose Vertical Garden, you’re opting for a sustainable solution that stands the test of time.

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Maintaining Your Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are relatively self-sufficient and durable and can last for many years if properly cared for.

They can also be cleaned and reused for seasonal plantings. With that being said, some aspects of the wall need to be monitored and maintained more closely. The plants in your vertical garden should always look good as long as the health of the wall is regularly checked. Water and nutrients are critical for the vitality of the garden. For big units, we recommend our maintenance program to ensure the plants remain healthy and vibrant.

Optimum Growing Conditions

We can check, monitor, adjust and make changes where necessary to ensure your garden has optimum growing conditions.

The maintenance program includes regular visits to give the garden a health check. Plants that are struggling to flourish are replaced at cost. This will all be explained during the free consultation. We’ll also provide advice and tips on how to keep your garden healthy based on your unique wall requirements.

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What we do


Water is supplied at the top row of pots which is gravity fed down and can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watering.


We have a select range of recommended plants for both indoor and outdoor use. However, we don’t stock or supply vegetables and herbs.


The sole source of nutrition for the plants comes from the nutrient solution in the soil.


What Our Clients Say

We have a fairly small courtyard area in our new town home and so were looking for a garden solution where we didn't have to sacrifice any space. VGA have provided the... perfect outcome and we are very happy with the dramatic improvement to what was previously a just drab brick wall. Goldie the design consultant was helpful, informative and responsive throughout the process and the delivery and installation of the garden couldn't have been smoother. Highly more
Mark Lawrence
01:22 13 May 24
We are absolutely in love with our vertical garden. Andy and the team did an incredible job, they were so responsive from my initial inquiry and kept me up to date... throughout the whole process. The VG have really enhanced our space. Thank you VGA!!read more
Louise Hvala
23:28 05 Dec 23
Andy and the team were professional, up to date and on time the whole journey! They have added significant value onto my house but more than that I have an outdoor area... that is simply a pleasure to enjoy all year roundread more
Adam Wilson
05:24 19 Nov 23
Vertical Gardens Australia designed and installed a vertical garden on my apartment balcony and it's absolutely gorgeous. Maintenance is very easy as well. Thanks Jamie... & team!read more
Serafina Fong
21:12 06 Nov 23
Just had John & Melissa put for our first vertical garden service. They were fantastic and fixed up the main show garden in our kitchen, now onto the other ones we were... super impressed by their judgement when it comes to plant placement, and they were both really aware of the presentation side as well as the technical side.Well done team!read more
Matthew Taylor
00:37 25 Oct 23
Andy and the team at Vertical Gardens Australia are amazing to work with, they are highly skilled and very professional. From start to finish the service was... incredible. We absolutely love the end product! Highly more
Juliet Dyer
01:57 03 Sep 23
Love our circular vertical garden!It is a solid, heavy-duty piece of kit which will look great for years.The maintenance on our garden was very professional: simple,... straight forward service, and no trying to sell us anything we don't need.Vertical Gardens Australia were clean, tidy and more
Amy Crevola
03:55 19 Aug 23
Vertical Garden Australia were excellent in providing their services to repair the irrigation of our pre-existing vertical garden. New pots with beautiful plants were... installed too. Andy and the team were professional, courteous and thorough with delivering what was promised. Highly recommend!read more
Mana K
04:40 02 May 23
Vertical Gardens Australia is an outstanding business from every perspective - I can highly recommend the service that Jamie, Daniel, Chris, Andy and Amanda... provide.Having moved to Melbourne for work from a very beautiful rural setting in the Adelaide Hills, I was really struggling to adapt to apartment living in Melbourne. Jamie and the team created a stunning vertical garden that totally transformed the bland balcony area with a depressing outlook into a space that is a joy to be in. Not only did it transform the physical space, it transformed my whole attitude towards apartment living. For me, this was cathartic.My gratitude is profound. Thank you to all at Vertical Gardens Australia. You are amazing!!read more
Julie-Anne Toohey
08:43 07 Mar 23
Excellent service. Vertical garden was delivered in a timely manner and as described. Will definitely use this company again
Sam Navidi
02:44 04 Mar 23
We absolutely love our vertical gardens. Thanks to Vertical Gardens Australia, our small courtyard is now a green haven!
Donna Farquhar
06:16 04 Dec 22
We're extremely happy with the outcome of our new Vertical Garden. The space was quite large (long) and with very difficult access but the team were able to design a... great solution. The whole process was seamless and so I would definitely recommend their services.Update: we're now 6 months along and still loving our garden. Vertical Gardens Australia has been super responsive in helping us care for our and maintain our more
Julie Bray
02:26 25 Nov 22
We are really happy with our garden installation. Originally I thought it may be too expensive for the space we needed to be filled but they were very accommodating to... suggest plans that grow up and down (to fill more space) and plant more sparsely and allow to grow over time. Both of these reduced the cost and made it a workable solution for more
David Jolly
22:17 07 Nov 22
We love our vertical garden. The plants that were chosen fit the spot very well. The after care is great. We would recommend using the team for a vertical garden
Raymond Hunt
02:51 18 Oct 22
We reached out to Vertical Gardens Australia to set up a garden feature wall for our stand at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show. The team at VGA were so easy to work with,... they understood our vision and all the requirements needed and were always available for any queries or questions. The set up staff are amazing and very adaptable, they are also super quick, friendly and walk you through the whole process. Couldn't recommend more!read more
Aaron Bolzonello
00:14 17 Oct 22
Andy from Vertical Gardens is amazing. He knows his stuff and is always on time. We’re very happy with our garden and the service we get is very professional.
Leanne Daly
03:46 06 Oct 22
Vertical Gardens recently installed a large feature wall in our new office space. The job was complicated and through various obstacles at the team with a lot of... challenges surrounding light. They have remained adaptable and willing to work through any challenge or teething issue and the wall is now thriving. Andy has been a huge help with the ongoing maintenance. Would highly recommend these guys.Thanks to everyone!read more
Jacob Natsis
04:55 19 Sep 22
Vertical gardens Australia were amazing! Very happy with the result and service has been brilliant - really easy to deal with and they provide great care and passion for... the end result. Thank you!!read more
Madeleine Simpson
10:17 21 Aug 22
Thanks to the VGA team, specially Andy, for looking after our great wall of colour! It adds a real 'wow' value to the view from the kitchen window.
Paul Jerome
05:02 04 Aug 22
Excellent customer service. Thank you for walking through issues with garden timer system over phone. Much appreciated!
Adele Drakopoulos
02:48 29 Jul 22
The team at VGA are always professional and efficient. They are very knowledgeable in their plant selection and are very creative in their designs. I love the calming... energy my garden makes me feel! Thank you Jamie and teamread more
Liz Athans
03:13 20 Jul 22
We purchased and had installed a copper circle from VGA 5 years ago and it is still looking fantastic. It was the only copper installation done so feel very privileged... to have it in our apartment. We have also purchased the maintenance package of 4 x services a year which we highly recommended as it maximizes the plant health and keeps the circle looking great. The staff at VGA made the process very easy and Andy does a great job with our maintenance. This is a fantastic option for apartment living or if you have a small courtyard area that needs a special feature!read more
Colin Ilsley
03:49 08 Jul 22
Early days but so far it has been great, the team were very flexible with the dates, very professional and the gardens I got look excellent. So far so good and I have... no doubt they will flourish given the service I’ve had so farread more
Adam Rowse
10:24 29 Jun 22
Excellent service. Easy to deal with and advised exceptionally well toward achieving desired outcome for our internal wall garden. Our garden had been suffering and... never properly flourished. The team at Vertical Gardens pulled together a plan and within 3 weeks we had a new garden that has received very positive more
Josh C
01:10 04 Jun 22
I love my vertical wall garden! We have big windows in our lounge that look onto our side fence, so it’s nice to have some greenery to brighten up the space.The... process from installation to maintenance has been seamless.We have just had another maintenance session done where the plants were trimmed and sprayed, some plants were replaced and the timer checked. Very happy with the product & service!read more
Danielle Kruizinga
05:34 03 Jun 22
The team at Vertical Gardens Australia where brilliant. From the time Jamie visited our home to give us ideas on the plant selection to when Dan & Chris installed the... innovative system and plants, the whole process was seamless and easy. The team was punctual and professional and cleaned up after they finished the brilliant job. We will definitely use VGA again on our next project and would not hesitate to recommend the team at VGA to our family & friends.Well done team VGA!read more
Jim Vais
06:29 28 May 22
Thankyou Vertical Gardens Australia we absolutely love our vertical garden on our decking as well as our plants under our stairs . The installation was terrific and the... boys came back until it was perfect!. Our garden is our favourite part of our home, very serene and beautiful. The ongoing service is second to none, once installation is complete they offer an ongoing service to maintain the garden which is very important to us. Today Andy showed us how to look after our garden and get the most out of it. The fresh herbs are a winner!They are very professional whilst being friendly and from the initial enquires to now the maintenance stage we have been thrilled with the service and the end result . I would recommend them absolutely !!read more
David Beach
10:42 17 May 22
Jamie and his team created 3 beautiful green spaces that are immediately commented on when guests visit. Usually with a WOW!! The ongoing maintenance ensures the... vertical gardens are at their more
Charlotte Elliott - Mckeown
11:31 16 May 22
We had a vertical garden installed by VGA in March 2020. This was just before the start of the pandemic lockdowns . The work done by Jamie and his team was of a very... high standard and the green wall of plants they put, in were of great help in lifting the mood and getting us through the long months of lockdown.Fast forward 2 years and in March 2022, we decided to extend the walls around the house to accommodate a further 200+ plants.We decided to go with VGA, simply because the wall they installed in March 2020 has continued to be a source of tranquility, whilst the mix of plants they put in, continues to look stunning and is a work of living art in itself.The work done by Jamie and his team has always been of a very high standard and minor post installation teething issues have been promptly sorted.I would recommend Jamie and his team for a professional, high quality install and if you are after a long lasting and beautiful vertical more
Uday Attavar
03:01 16 May 22
After attempting to obtain a vertical garden with another company that didn't work, was simply not designed correctly and required constant upkeep, Vertical Gardens... Australia have totally blown competitors out of the water! Right from the initial, open and transparent consultation, to the installation and customisation that made our vertical pop, it's resulted in a great outcome. The choice in plants, how it was designed the communication including the maintenance support and staff that serviced our garden to ensure its in tip top condition, we would highly recommend them to all our friends, family and colleagues. We simply love our garden wall! Thanks VGA!read more
Adam Levin
11:34 13 May 22

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Transforming urban spaces with Green Roof Systems

Imagine if your rooftop wasn’t just a blank canvas of concrete, but a thriving green oasis?! Here at Vertical Gardens Australia, our Green Roof Systems will help you turn this vision into reality.

These innovative solutions transform rooftops into functional and beautiful green spaces, offering a multitude of benefits for both your property and the environment…

Rooftop gardens are no longer just a trend for high-end buildings. They are becoming an increasingly popular option for homes and businesses in Australia, offering a practical and aesthetically stunning addition to any property!

Your Guide to Green Roofs Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

A green roof provides several benefits, including improved air quality, reduced urban heat effect, and increased biodiversity. In addition, it offers aesthetic appeal and potential for local food production.

Yes, buildings need to have enough structural support to bear the additional weight of a green roof, which includes soil, plants, and retained water. It’s highly advisable to consult a structural engineer before planning a green roof.

The frequency of maintenance visits depends on the type of green roof installed and the time of year. Generally, most green roofs require at least semi-annual visits to ensure they remain healthy and vibrant.

Yes, we build green roofs for various property types, including residential homes. However, the feasibility of a green roof depends on the structural ability of the building and local planning regulations.

Green roofs are an essential component of sustainable urban planning. They provide environmental, economic, and social benefits, including energy conservation, stormwater management, the creation of habitats, and improved air quality.

When choosing a green roof system, you should consider factors such as your building’s structural capacity, local climate, desired plant types, maintenance requirements, and budget.

You need to ensure that your building can support the extra weight, provide adequate water and nutrients for the plants, ensure proper waterproofing, and adhere to local regulations.

There are three main types of green roof systems:

  • Extensive (low-maintenance, shallow soil, suitable for small plants)
  • Semi-intensive (medium maintenance, medium depth soil, can accommodate larger plants)
  • Intensive (high-maintenance, deep soil, can support trees and shrubs).

The cost of implementing a green roof system varies widely depending on factors such as the type of green roof, the size of the area, the structural requirements of the building, the choice of plants, and the level of access to the roof.

Green Roofs offer a multitude of benefits for cities, including:

  • Reduced urban heat island effect: Vegetation helps to cool the surrounding environment, mitigating the ‘urban heat island effect’.
  • Improved air quality: Green Roofs filter out pollutants and release fresh oxygen, thus contributing to cleaner air in urban areas.
  • Stormwater management: They absorb rainwater, reducing runoff and pressure on drainage systems.
  • Habitat creation: Rooftop gardens provide a haven for wildlife, ultimately promoting biodiversity in urban settings.

Planning a Green Roof involves several key steps:

  • Structural assessment: First you must double-check that your roof can support the additional weight of a Green Roof System.
  • Design consultation: Here at Vertical Gardens Australia, we can help design a rooftop garden that suits your specific needs and space constraints.
  • Plant selection: Choose plants that are drought-tolerant and thrive in the Australian climate and sun exposure conditions.
  • Installation: Our qualified installation team will install the Green Roof System efficiently and establish proper drainage and irrigation.

Green Roof Systems come packed with benefits that extend far beyond visual appeal:

  • Reduced energy costs: A layer of vegetation on your roof acts as a natural insulator, helping to regulate building temperature and reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • Improved stormwater management: Green Roofs absorb rainwater, reducing stormwater runoff and lessening the burden on drainage systems. This can also help conserve water resources.
  • Enhanced air quality: Plants naturally filter pollutants from the air, again, contributing to cleaner air in urban environments.
  • Increased biodiversity: Rooftop gardens provide a habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies, thus promoting biodiversity within the city.
  • Noise reduction: The vegetation on a Green Roof acts as a sound barrier, helping to dampen noise pollution from traffic and other urban sounds.
  • Extended roof lifespan: The protective layer of soil and plants shields your roof from harsh weather elements, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetics and wellbeing: A rooftop garden creates a calming and visually appealing green space, improving the overall aesthetic of your property and potentially enhancing occupant wellbeing.

We are a leading provider of Green Roof Systems in Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from initial consultation and structural assessment, to design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Our team of experts can help you transform your rooftop into a beautiful and functional green space, adding value to your property and contributing to a more sustainable future…

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help bring your rooftop garden vision to life!

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