Green Office Living Walls & Partitions

Green Office Living Walls create a calming ambiance and improve indoor air quality by reducing harmful air-borne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Naturally beautiful and easy to maintain Green Office Living Walls add visual appeal and are acoustically friendly.

Green Office Living Walls

A living, breathing office makes for a productive and people-friendly environment.

More and more we understand that human beings are most productive whilst working in comfortable and calming, people-friendly environments with high air quality. One of the best ways to increase a sense of wellbeing and calm in an office environment is to use live plants.

In the past, open office spaces would be separated into smaller areas using cubicles or semi-permanent partition walls. We asked ourselves: why not make these boring walls living, breathing gardens? That way you not only get a dividing wall providing privacy and sound dampening, but a lush indoors garden at the same time! And so the Green Office Living Wall was born!

The benefits of Green Office Living Walls:

Instead of boring old plasterboard or glass walls, a Green Office Living Wall has several benefits:

  • Plants act as a bio-filter to reduce harmful air pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Acoustically friendly, sound-absorbing qualities for reducing office background noise
  • Natural beauty and high visual aesthetic appeal
  • Flexible and adaptable, Green Office Living Walls can easily be moved around in a space to create new spaces

Green Office Living Walls – custom design, installation & maintenance.

We’ll custom-design a Green Office Living Wall that works for your office environment and requirements. We’ll then install and provide ongoing weekly maintenance to ensure that your Living Walls look great week in week out.

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