Vertical Gardens Australia

Perfect for indoors or out, water-saving and environmentally friendly Vertical Gardens are perfect for apartment balconies, courtyards, rooftop gardens, office room dividers, and corporate reception areas – in fact for any commercial or residential building where floor space is at a premium.


What is a vertical garden or green wall?

A vertical garden is a garden that goes upwards instead of outwards. It’s an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, water-saving garden system perfectly suited to spaces where floor space is at a premium – inside or outside.

Vertical gardens are ideal for apartment balconies, courtyards, outdoor alfresco dining areas, rooftop gardens, and corporate offices (as room dividers and for reception areas).

In fact, vertical gardens are perfect for any commercial or residential environment where space is tight but you want to create a lush, low-maintenance garden – indoors or out.


What are the benefits of a vertical garden wall?

Besides being water-efficient, space-saving, and low-maintenance, vertical gardens have many other benefits:

  • No expensive plumbing required for installation.
  • Custom design means that we can create any size or any shape of garden to suit your environment.
  • Self-watering systems use either a concealed fibreglass water tank, or our very own revolutionary gel-based self-watering system.
  • Large range of plants, we even have herb and veggie vertical gardens!
  • Improved indoor air quality – great for creating a green living office!
  • Improved ambiance – vertical gardens create a feeling of calm and serenity in otherwise stressful environments such as offices, meeting rooms, dental surgeries etc.
  • Noise reduction – dampen noise from neighbouring offices, residential neighbours, or the street outside.
  • Perfect for creating space dividers at events and exhibitions
  • Vertical gardens look stunning! They’re living artworks that bring natural beauty to any indoor or outdoor environment.


Visit the brand NEW Vertical Gardens Australia Showroom!

Want to see our great designs and unique innovations for yourself? Visit our new showroom at 329 Ferrars St., Melbourne – we’re open 6 days! You can also call us at 03 9686 4322 or send us an enquiry.


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