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Top DIY Project Ideas for your Home or Business

Making a vertical garden for your home is an easy DIY garden project you can put together in even the smallest space in your store or on your veranda. If you’re in need of some inspiration for designing a vertical garden for your home, community or office space we are here to help. Here are […]

The Father of Vertical Gardens

So, where did vertical gardens come from? And no, the answer isn’t from the ground… Vertical gardens were first invented by Patrick Blanc. A French botanist, Patrick Blanc had a childhood passion for experimenting with aquatic plants. As a young adult, he explored the germination of a variety of species of plants (many of which […]

Gardens Going Global

Everyone loves flowers and gorgeous greenery! So, there’s no surprise vertical gardens are showing up in cities all around the world. As cities become denser the demand and popularity for vertical gardens is on the rise. There are four cities that are really reinventing the way we garden! Singapore is well known for its impressive […]

The Latest Rage: Indoor Plants

Why are we seeing such a growing demand for indoor plants? Well, these beauties are easy to look after and can transform any home or living space with ease. Indoor plants are proven to make the room and the people living there, healthier and happier. The demand for more greenery in homes is driven in […]

The beauty and benefits of vertical gardens

With the median cost of buying a house in Australia up 6.8 per cent to a whopping $571,500, the great Australian dream of owning a home on a quarter-acre block is fast becoming unobtainable for so many of us. However, this terrifying pricing trend explains only partially our nation-wide boom in apartment living. In fact, […]