Gardens Going Global

Everyone loves flowers and gorgeous greenery!

So, there’s no surprise vertical gardens are showing up in cities all around the world. As cities become denser the demand and popularity for vertical gardens is on the rise. There are four cities that are really reinventing the way we garden!

Singapore is well known for its impressive Tree House. This enormous 24 storey tall building consists of two vertical gardens across 2 289 square meters, making it the largest vertical garden in the world.

Similarly, Italy’s impressive indoor garden is changing the way we shop. The Centro Commerciale Fiordaliso (not far from fashion capitol Milan) has a colourful array of more than 44 000 types of mosses and plants. This magnificent display cost 1 million Euros and regulates temperature and noise within the shopping centre.

In the heart of London is a remarkable vertical garden on the rooftop of The Rubens Hotel. This unique garden serves more than just an aesthetic purpose, it has been designed for flood mitigation purposes and water storage.

Closer to home, take a journey down to Central Park in Sydney to see 23 green walls compromising thousands of wall and façade plants. Designed by Patrick Blanc this stunning garden is meant to take your breath away and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Well established in Melbourne and undergoing exciting expansion into Sydney, we love taking inspiration from these phenomenal gardens and making them a reality for your home or workplace.

To find out more about vertical gardens call Vertical Gardens Australia on (03) 9429 1999 today or visit us at the Sydney Home Show!

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