The Father of Vertical Gardens

So, where did vertical gardens come from?

And no, the answer isn’t from the ground… Vertical gardens were first invented by Patrick Blanc.

A French botanist, Patrick Blanc had a childhood passion for experimenting with aquatic plants. As a young adult, he explored the germination of a variety of species of plants (many of which are native to Australia). Now, his love for plants has risen to new heights – a 150 m tall tree in Central Park to be exact!

Blanc worked at the National Centre for Scientific Research. There he was able to develop a unique idea to grow a range of plants vertically. Today his work is recognised on a global scale with vertical gardens in many countries such as Italy, France, USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

Through his research and passion for vertical gardens, Blanc reinvented the way we style our homes and workplaces. Blanc’s initial idea behind the vertical garden was that once installed it should have minimal maintenance and care, as vertical gardens can be hard to prune and control. Unlike a traditional horizontal garden, they are left to grow as they may, becoming an oasis of untamed nature.

Blanc says, “vertical gardens are important because they are a free piece of nature, where you aren’t [left] waiting.”

These beautiful green installations are sprouting up all around the world. From shopping centres to rooftop bars, there is no wrong place for a vertical garden. In an era of high urban density, vertical gardens represent a new kind of co-habitation between plants and humans.

Though some gardens are best left untamed, at PAPS we’ve followed Blanc’s advice and have a stunning range of easy to look after vertical gardens on offer. To embrace your inner botanist and help enhance the connection to nature in your home, office or retail space get in touch today!

Looking for inspiration?

Check out our instagram and Blanc’s incredible designs!

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